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About SoS Gloss

Be A Beautiful Believer




SoS Gloss is a faith-based beauty brand inspired by Song of Solomon, a book in the Bible that sings the praises of the physical and internal beauty of a woman. Since 2020 our mission has been to help all women, regardless of their faith, look and feel more beautiful. We believe beauty is a gift from God, and what better to reinforce that message than to curate beauty products that inspire and empower women to walk boldly in their beauty and in their faith.




At SoS Gloss, we do more than just sell great lip products. The name of each product was carefully selected from Song of Solomon and we include that name as well as the scripture reference on our packaging. We do this so that when our SoSie's use our products, you'll be reminded that your beauty is a gift from God.




We offer lip products including cream gloss, matte liquid lipstick, and gel lip liner. As an evolving brand, we will continue to grow and add more products to our collection. Here are some more details about our current products.


Cream Gloss

Our cream gloss line consists of five high gloss shades that include high pigment bolds, nudes, and classic clear. Our glosses will leave your lips shiny and moisturized.


Matte Liquid Lipstick

Our matte line consists of seven liquid lipsticks that are long-wear, waterproof, smudge-proof and super mattifying.


Gel Lip Liner

Our gel lip liners consist of nine shades that complement our cream glosses and our matte liquid lipsticks for a fully finished look. Our liners can be worn as full lip coverage by themselves or under a cream gloss or matte liquid lipstick.

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